Celebrate Racine County Collector Article

Here is a amazing selection of articles and newspaper clippings that Gerald himself has written or contributed to.

Here is a unbelievably large selection of minuet mentions of Gerald Karwowski...some mentions so small you might miss them!

Books and Pamphlets Gerald Karwowski has written can be found at

List of Books and Pamphlets

Postcard History Series Racine (2007)

Bottled in the Belle City (1979)

Brewer built Sturtevant landmark (1993)

Bushnell family history (1993)

Ernst Klinkert Brewing Co (1993)

J.I. Case (1993)

The J.I. Case tractor plant, looking back (1991)

Racine always cherished July 4th (1993)

Racine Soda water bottles (1993)

Venetian night floating parade (1993)

Venetian Theatre (1992)

West Racine (1993)

Yorkville Township (1992)

Compendium Of Union Grove Businesses 1857-1928 (1988)


To sum it up in one word

Hi, my name is Aria Rundle, I am Jerry's daughter. I just wanted to share a few tid-bits with you. First and foremost this page is dedicated to my father Gerald (Jerry) Karwowski for his dedication and love for preserving the rich history of Racine Wisconsin.

A man that I admire and hope to emulate in my years. A man that has spent years sharing with thousands of people and groups from various communities his vast knowledge of Racine's history and has shared all his treasures through the years on display in local facilities, lectures and tour groups.

It is true I am his daughter so you may think that of course I would have nothing but good to say about the man whom bore me. However, I like many through the years of knowing this great man have come to understand that he is a true treasure and a great resource that should be acknowledged and admired for all he has offered to this great community in the past, present and future.

So I dedicate this part of the web site to the man that I know as dad. The man that has given so much to a community in desperate need of knowledge of Racine and its history and perseverance of its rich and unique past. Not much different from my dad's own.

That is why I am happy to share with you this portion of the web site. To allow you a closer look at the man behind this love of history and the man I call dad...

Thank you for your years of dedication not only to the preservation of Racine's unbelievable history but also for being a great man and father!

With love,
Your second daughter,
number 2, Aria "R"

shhhhh...don't tell my dad, he doesn't know I used that picture of him....hehehehehe :)~

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